Specialist in improving gender balance in businesses & developing women’s confidence

Coaching & Training

I coach & train people (especially women) to be more confident and to have assertive communication skills.

  • Understanding where they may be holding themselves back
  • Working on being more confident and who they are at their best
  • How (generally) men and women think and act differently; specifically:
    Make decisions
    Manage projects
    Manage people
    Leadership styles
  • Assertive and influencing communications
  • How to be at your best in specific situations
  • Giving and receiving feedback


I work with leadership teams in businesses to understand where they may be reducing diversity by:

  • Uncovering unconscious bias
  • Observing meetings and giving feedback
  • Comparing appraisals and feedback given to men and women within the business
  • Comparing support given to men and women within the business
  • Looking at internal communications, job adverts, recruitment processes to see where potential unconscious bias can be removed


After an initial scoping meeting to understand your business needs, I will create a bespoke solution package for you.