Do you want to be successful? – How is your self confidence stopping you from achieving it?

January 17, 2019 posted in Category

The way you see and feel about yourself, plus your self-talk about why you can’t do things, are what’s stopping you right now.

Changing these into positives is the key to reaching your full success potential.

Having worked with hundreds of women and businesses over the years, I have honed my understanding of how to galvanise individuals, teams, and businesses to reach their full potential as quickly as possible. As a result, I have crystallised the underlying principles, processes, and issues into a model through which we work in order to change the way people and teams see and feel about themselves in order to achieve success.  The model below is the basis for this.

If you have clarity (are clear about who you are at your best and what success means to you) and can communicate such that you really connect with people you are with, you will be able to inspire and ultimately ‘influence’ them and your own success.

If you can communicate such that you really connect and have the confidence to believe in yourself, you will have a presence which will allow you to be truly ‘heard’.

If you have clarity and confidence, you will be congruent in what you say and do, such that you will have real authenticity, which will allow you to make more of an ‘impact’ in the world.

When all of these things come together you will feel and be more fulfilled and reach your potential.

As the model visualises, the three core areas on which to work are your Clarity, Confidence, and Communication

The place always to begin is ‘Clarity’, because until one has full self-awareness of their current ‘Self’ it is almost impossible to decide on what to work and how to move forward. During the Clarity phase it is important to understand your values, what’s important (and what’s not), your qualities when you are at your best and all aspects of where you are holding yourself back. Finally and most importantly it’s key to work on ‘how’ you want to be, what your possibilities are, define what success is, and how to achieve them. Once priorities have been decided, they determine where to go first, to Confidence or Communication…or both!

Whilst working on confidence it is important to understand and break free from the ‘something’ – belief system, self-talk etc. and resulting ingrained patterns of behaviours that are holding you back. Once identified, you then work through them to break free from your self-imposed constraints, to believe you can reach your full potential and live a life of impact.

Communication is a key area to work on because it is the cornerstone of all interpersonal interactions; it can be the difference between being ignored or listened to, being unconvincing or credible, being seen as false or making a genuine connection. Areas to focus on, although not exclusively, are phraseology and tonality, being fully present, active listening, your intent versus impact, body language and use of your energy. Consistent, clear and congruent communication is so critical for you to build relationships, get your message across, and most importantly be heard and recognised in order to make a difference in the world.

When all of these areas are worked upon (a continual process by the way!) in a structured and consistent manner, it is possible to change your mindset about your potential and take successful actions to achieve a life of significance, fulfilment and impact.

So, if how you see and feel about yourself, and your self-talk about why you can’t do things are what’s stopping you achieving your full potential right now……What are they for you? Are they elements of your Clarity, your Confidence or your Communication, or a combination? Notice when you don’t achieve something you had intended to, and try to identify the reason why; if it was within your control, what stopped or prevented you? What were you telling yourself?

Answer these questions and you are starting on the road to your success!