Actions that show real inner confidence

December 16, 2018 posted in Category

To me, inner confidence is often under rated in the business world, as it is not recognised for what it really is. Most people associate confidence with being outspoken, happy to be the centre of attention, someone who is bold in their actions or decisions; however, true self confidence manifests as calm, quiet and naturally ‘grounded’ ways of being and interacting with others.

Having had a varied career in the business world, I have been lucky enough to encounter several genuinely self confident people and they tend to have a number of qualities in common.

  1. They listen way more than they speak – Truly confident people don’t feel the need prove their knowledge to others, instead, they want to learn more from others by listening to them. Listening to understand a point of view, perspective or opinions, listening to learn something new, or listening to get to know someone better.
  2. They are not afraid of being wrong – They are happy to make a point in order to get to establish what is right. If challenged and proved to be wrong, they are secure enough to acknowledge it and back down.
  3. They ask for help if needed – No one can do or  know how to do everything but it is often seen as a sign of weakness or lack of skill to ask for help. Confident people are secure enough realise that someone else has a greater knowledge, skill or experience in a certain area and are happy to ask for their help. The other positive effect is that the person  asked, feels respected for their expertise.
  4. They admit and own their mistakes – They are secure enough to know that everyone makes mistakes and that by admitting them, something can be done to rectify it quickly; a less secure person would hide mistakes until the consequences are so great, that it cannot be hidden. By owning their  mistake they are being honest and real; it also allows others to learn.
  5. They think they can do it – They take control of their lives and decide what they want to do and go after it; a business venture, a new job or a promotion……They don’t wait to be asked.
  6. They don’t compare themselves to others – A confident person, doesn’t need to put someone else down or compare, in order to make themselves feel good; they only judge themselves on their progress and don’t need others to validate them because their validation come from within.

How many of these qualities do you have? Which ones would you most like to attain? By working on your inner confidence it is possible for these things to come naturally.