Specialist in improving gender balance in businesses & developing women’s confidence

I am passionate about women’s ability to have a stronger voice in the world; to be heard, be respected and have influence.

Since realising this, I have devoted myself to transforming women’s impact by enabling them to have clarity and confidence to truly connect with others, be heard and achieve their personal and business goals, and by working with businesses to understand where they may be unconsciously holding women back.

I am a mother and business woman who has been lucky enough to have had a rich and diverse career as scientist, retail manager, sales director, product business director, international corporate general manager, executive coach  and an entrepreneur.

My approach

I work with leadership teams to uncover their unconscious biases that reduce company diversity

I coach women to be more confident and train them in assertive communication skills

I work with business to understand differences in male and female communication, leadership, decision making and people management styles. This removes gender bias and allows recognition of the value each style brings to the business and it’s bottom line. As part of this, I help people (male and female) recognise where their gender bias may be impacting their views of others and decisions.

Clients say that I help them fix their mind-set and business processes; get clear and focussed to accelerate their business forward, fast.

My pragmatic and collaborative style delivers results by bringing out the Best Self in all, with whom I work, to get results quickly. I intuitively enable women to identify their thought and behaviour patterns that hold them back, change their view of themselves to develop both positive ‘inner dialogue’, and their outer connection skills to transform their personal presence and – crucially- their business impact

Skills in my toolkit

  • Executive Coaching (AOEC, Association for Coaching)
  • Business strategy and development
  • Business Development
  • Personal confidence
  • Interpersonal communications
  • Leadership development
  • Mentoring
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Management
  • Personality and team profiling (15FQ+, 16PF, MBTI, Firo B, British Psychological Society – Psychometric testing  Level A and B)


After an initial scoping meeting to understand your business needs, I will create a bespoke solution package for you.